Fabrics made for performance.

Moisture and perspiration collect around key stress points on your body. Wicking disperses that moisture away from the key stress points, so that your body can feel more balanced and comfortable.
Easy clean
Our fabric is easier to clean than regular synthetic fabrics, affording you warm water washing effect using cold water. During laundering, water is attracted to our fabric, drawing the water deep within its fibers to wash out dirt.
Many synthetic fabrics turn into an oven when they're wet. Our fabric evaporates moisture quickly allowing the fabric to resume breathing much quicker.
Fast dry
Our fabric dries quicker than regular synthetic fabrics, so after each workout, you will be up and running in no time. You can go for your favourite latte without looking like you just ran a marathon.
Strong fibers
Polyester and Nylon are strong fibers of the polyamide family so it is only natural to use them in our athletic fabrics. They are stronger and lighter than Cotton and are ideal for use in rugged environments where stress and tension are common.
Flat seams
Flat seams are used for all joints (where suitable) to reduce chafing. This increases comfort when exercising and allows certain styles to be worn inside out.

120–160 grams per meter squared.

Model shirt

There is no one weight fits all in athletic wear. Every sport happens in an environment where athletes are subjected to different amounts of heat, wind, water, snow and temperature.

A carefully selected fabric weight ensures the wearer is dissipating heat at a rate that ensures their body temperature remains steady and comfortable.

Athletes also often wear the same clothes after training and workouts on the commute home so fabrics should also provide comfort and protection to the wearer at regular times too.

We picked various fabric weights ranging from 120–160gsm depending on style and intended purpose using our years of personal experience.

Flat seams at all major joints.

The perfect garment is a balance between style, materials and comfort. We've nailed the first two and we solved the comfort aspect by employing flat seams at all major joints.

You've have to wear it to understand it. We borrowed the technique from swim wear to make the seams flat on the inside and outside without the bulging you typically see on felled seams.

This allows the garment to wrap around your body like a single, uniform piece of fabric.

Model pants
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